Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue


The Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue is a non-profit organization. They rescue and rehome about 100 dogs a year. Many dogs come from kill shelters. Sometimes they were surrendered to the shelters, but often they were "strays". The dogs are also rescued from homes where they are no longer wanted or where the families are no longer able to care for them. The dogs remain with their family if possible before they are placed. The dogs from the shelters are taken immediately, given vet care and then placed into a foster home where they are given love and care until they are adopted into their "forever home".

All members of LIGRR are volunteers. We volunteer our time and homes for these dogs. Dogs are taken in to homes and made part of the family. Dogs are groomed, trained, socialized and exposed to a healthy home environment. Usually the dogs come in with problems. Careless owners keep their dogs until they become expensive or difficult to care for and then get rid of them.

The $100 surrender fee (if we get it) never covers the basic vet care these dogs need. A healthy dog will cost a couple hundred dollars just for shots and an exam. Often, dogs need expensive and long treatments to return them to health or to give them a good quality of life. Treatment is always given regardless of cost if it is in the best interest of the dog. The overriding criteria for all treatment is "would you do it for your own dog?"

To pay our enormous vet bills, the volunteers are constantly involved in fund raising. We will set up tables outside pet supply stores (not puppy stores), at dog events or just large events with a lot of foot traffic. Raffle tickets and t-shirts are sold. If you are interested in making a donation or even joining our organization, visit LIGRR's web site: www.ligrr.org

Once a year, LIGRR has a "Rescue Parade" where rescued dogs and their new families come together. It's a good way for foster parents to meet old friends.