Here are some of my best
or favorite pictures

(See my Photoshop Work)

Comet Holmes

(Right-click on the picture to magnify)

The comet is the large lower left "star" in the triangle in
the center of this "real size" photo.

The comet is the smudge just left of center.

Viewed through a telescopic camera lens.

Viewed through a telescope at lowest power. This picture is enhanced with Photoshop.

Afternoon Nap

Sunset at Stony Brook Harbor

This is a combination of two images: The large guitar on the side of the building;
and my brother pretending to play it.
Above: A faint display of the Northern Lights as seen from the Hamptons. The faded blue patches are the lights. (30 Second Exposure)
Picnicing under the Big Dipper.
Two bolts of lightning captured on film.
Jupiter and His 4 Galilean moons
Saturn (top Left) Moon and Venus (bottom Right)
A Halo around the sun caused by ice crystals high in the atmosphere.
Saturn as seen through the telescope.
A few shots of the Moon

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