My Portfolio

Please scroll down to browse some of my work. Below you will find some examples of Photoshop Editing, Photoshop Drawing, and an assortment of original Photography.

Photoshop Photo Editing

a soccer bicycle kick

The original picture

a soccer bicycle kick edited to remove a boy from the picture

Edited to remove the "Hawaii" boy and his shadow.

Erased from existence!
a collage of pictures

A collage with multiple layers. Photos were made into overlapping Polaroids with drop shadows.

a funny picture of a boy crying at Santa's grave

Background and text added.

a stylized, artistic rendering of a scowling boy
an artistic, stylized rendering of a man standing at a post office

Photoshop Drawing

Original artwork made exclusively within Photoshop.

green reptile eye
two ice blocks on a frozen lake
two balls being lifted off the ground
a diagram of a lunar eclipse
a drawing of a planet
a childlike Mother's Day drawing
tubes with waves inside them
electrons moving from one object to another
static attraction between rod and ball
balls colliding/ conservation of momentum
Earth in space/seasons
a diagram of a solar eclipse

sunset over a grassy field
two balls falling to the ground- one splats
Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is over

the phases of Venus


My original photographs

keys of a piano
a selfie of Philip
pillars of a school in autumn
busses lined up before school
drops of dew on a pine branch
black and white image of Adirondak chairs
a windmill on a grassy field
a black and white picket fence around a cemetary
a flowery field in a graveyard
a windmill in a graveyard
a field of flowers
a selfie in a respirator
basketballs on a court
a soccer ball in a foggy field
a boy showing 'Tall Man'
a school steeple through magnolia flowers

A few Facebook Banners

a boy looking at a beach sunset
a boy on a snowboard
a boy hiding in autumn leaves

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