My Youtube Videos

I have a collection of youtube videos that I filmed.
Most of the videos are for classroom demonstration but there are a few that are just for fun.
A am constantly adding new videos so to see a complete list go to:


YouTube Video of a lab activity measuring the density of a chocolate bar
Youtube video
showing how density changes as you change the volume of a pillow.
Youtube video
on making a topo profile of a volcanic island
Youtube video showing a demonstration of the Hawaii Hotspot.
Youtube video showing the formation of pangaea.
Youtube Video on making a cloud in a soda bottle.
Youtube video showing how to boil water using ice (demonstration of water boiling at lower pressures)
and Boiling With Ice II
Youtube video showing how to crush a can with air pressure.
Youtube video showing supercooled water freezing when disturbed.
And Supercooled II with more details.
Using Air Pressure to suck an egg into a bottle
Youtube video showing adiabatic heating and cooling
Youtube video of a Tornado Machine in the classroom.
Youtube video demonstrating how to put an egg in a bottle using air pressure.
Youtube video cooling by evaporation.
Youtube video demonstrating how you can see infrared light.
Youtube video showing the Doppler Effect.
Youtube video demonstrating the Big Bang.
Youtube video featuring levatating worlds in the classroom to demonstrate phases of the moon and eclipses.
Youtube video showing how to make and use 3-dimensional projections to demonstrate Earth's orbital plane and tilted axis.



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