NYS Earth Science
Reference Tables

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Page 1 Radioactive Data
Page 1 Specific Heat
Page 1 Equations
Page 1 Water
Page 1 Chemical Comp
Page 2 Landscape Regions
Page 3 NYS Bedrock
Page 4 Ocean Currents
Page 5 Plates
Page 6 Rock Cycle
Page 6 Stream Velocity
Page 6 Igneous Scheme
Page 7 Sedimentary Scheme
Page 7 Metamorphic Scheme
Page 8 Geologic History
Page 9 Geologic History
Page 10 Pizza Pie
Page 11 P & S Chart
Page 12 Dew Point Temperatures
Page 12 Relative Humidity
Page 13 Temperature Scales
Page 13 Pressure Scales
Page 13 Weather Symbols
Page 14 Atmosphere Layers
Page 14 Planetary Winds
Page 14 Spectrum
Page 15 HR Diagram
Page 15 Planetary Data
Page 16 Minerals

I bring my Reference Tables with me EVERYWHERE

Me & my tables in the desert in Utah, 2009

Mojave Desert 2008

Longs Peak, Colorado, 2005

Honeymoon, St. Lucia 1996

The importance of the Reference Tables:


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