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Earth Science Teacher Resources

The worksheets and activities on this page are here to help my fellow Science Teachers. Feel free to download and print the pages. You may also copy and paste into Word to customize the sheets. I will be adding to this sheet constantly throughout the year so check back often. You may e-mail me for answer keys just be prepared to prove you're really a teacher!

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Setting up a Kickin' Classroom
List of Educationally Useful Videos
Inspirational Teacher Stories

Earth How: Another Comprehensive Earth Science Site

Labs, Activities & PowerPoints

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Topics For Student Lessons


Special FX Permission

Course Outline

Research Paper

Practicing Measurement Skills

Graphing and Density 1

Graphing and Density 2

Density Worksheet

Excel data for sunspot lab

Percent Deviation

Earth Science Reference Tables ( '09 Version)

Density & Computer Stations (8 Stations version)

Density & Computer Stations (5 Stations version)

Density of Chocolate Lab

Density of Popcorn

YouTube Video on why the Reference Tables are soooo important.

YouTube Video showing how density changes as you change the volume of a pillow

YouTube Video of measuring the density of a chocolate bar.

Labs, Activities & PowerPoints

Vocabulary Words

Chem. Comp Chart

Latitude Longitude 1

Latitude Longitude 2

Latitude Longitude 3

Latitude Longitude Skills

Drawing Isolines

Making Contours I, II, & III

Profile 1

Profile 2

Profile 3

Blank chart for drawing profiles

Rates 1

Rates 2

Red River Contours

Working With Contours

Flat Earth DBQ

Longitude DBQ

The World is Flat- An entire lecture designed to convince students that the world is flat.

A Hundred Proofs that the Earth is not a Globe

Making Isolines PPT

Lab 1-4 PPT

Making a topographic map of a section of the Earth (see YouTube video to the right).


Youtube video on making a topo profile of a volcanic island

Video on making a topographic map of a section of the Earth.


Labs, Activities & PowerPoints

Vocabulary Words

Worksheet on Sedimentary Rocks

Worksheet on the Rock Cycle

Percent Deviation on Rocks

Igneous Worksheet I

Igneous Worksheet II

Igneous Worksheet III

Quartz DBQ

Minerals DBQ

Metamorphic Rocks

Chemical Composition chart

Rocks Review

Jimmy Buffet's Volcano Sing-a-Long PPT

Lyrics to Jimmy Buffet's Volcano

Lab Packet for Minerals Stations

Bill Nye Rocks

Igneous Rock Scheme PPT

Metamorphic Rock Scheme PPT

Sedimentary Scheme PPT

Cookie Lab- a great review of rock types (and video)

To avoid students taste-testing for Halite, I inform them that I have been specifically bred with genetic enhancements to be the ultimate Earth Science Teacher. As such, I have taste buds in my finger tips which allows me to do a taste-test on minerals without the danger of swallowing anything dirty. If a student suspects a mineral is Halite, they give it to me. I roll it between my fingers, smack my lips a few times and tell them if it tastes salty or not. (The key, of course is to be able to spot the cubic cleavage of Halite as opposed to the rhombihedral of Calcite and Gypsum.) I also prepare a CLEAN sample of Halite, bash it into tiny pieces before their eyes (on a CLEAN paper towel and invite them to taste it.


Video of the Cookie Lab

Labs, Activities & PowerPoints


Coordinates Practice

Seismic Eruption

Time Math 1

Time Math 2

When 2 Cars Race (P & S Race PPT for answers)

Determining Epictr Distance

Finding Epicenters I

Finding Epicenters 2

Epicenters 3

Epicenters 4

Seismic Waves

Calculating Richter Scale

* Seismic Waves and Seismic Eruption are free demonstration programs available at:

Convection Demonstration: Make Hot Chocolate in the classroom while showing principles of plate tectonics and convection- Very Fun!

P & S Race PPT answers to the worksheet as well as how to use the PS wave chart.

Lab 4-5 Epicenters PPT



Youtube video showing a demonstration of the Hawaii Hotspot.

Youtube Video showing how to use three seismic stations to find an epicenter.

Youtube Video demonstrating P-Waves and S-Waves.



Labs, Activities & PowerPoints


Weathering HW

Erosion Review

Glaciers Handout

Rates & Time

Particle vs Velocity

Why is the Ocean Salty

Bill Nye Crust

Weathering PPT


Worksheet for Beach: River of Sand video

Labs, Activities & PowerPoints


Sequence Puzzles:

Sequence 1

Sequence 2

Sequence 3

Sequence 4

Sequence 5

Sequence 6

Sequence 7

Relative Dating Craters (see PPT to the right for answers)

Worksheet on Radio Dating

DBQ on Dinosaurs

DBQ on The Natural History of LI

DBQ on Magnetic Pole Reversals

Walk The Dinosaur Sing-a-Long PPT (provide your own music)

Relative Dating Craters PPT

Index Fossils and Correlation - using pennies and brachiopod fossils to learn about correlation with index fossils.

Shades of History - a very neat way to illustrate sequence of events, correlation and volcanic time markers.

Dinosaur Reconstruction

Radioactive Decay Lab

Radioactive Decay with M&M's Lab (created by Michael Jantzen)

Radioactive Decay PPT

Craters Answers PPT

Youtube video showing the formation of pangaea.

Youtube Video demonstrating Radioactive decay

Labs, Activities & PowerPoints


States of Matter



Drawing Isotherms

Station Model Code

Station Models 1

Station Models 2

Pressure Conversions

Rel Hum/DPT

Rel Humidity 1

Rel Humidity 2

Dew Point Temperature

Temperature Conversions

Temp/Rel Hum/DPT

Weather Review

Contrails DBQ

Perfect Storm DBQ

Hurricane of 1938 DBQ

Long Island Groundwater Map

Angle of Insolation Lab

Weather Lab Stations

All Star Sing-a-Long PPT (global warming)
(Supply your own music)

Beds Are Burning Sing-a-Long PPT(environmental)
(Supply your own music)

Using the RH DPT Charts PPT

Billy Joel's Storm Front Sing-a-Long PPT
(Supply your own music)

Lyrics and explainations to Billy Joel's Storm Front

Bill Nye Atmosphere

Bill Nye Deserts

Bill Nye Pressure

Bill Nye Water Cycle

Bill Nye Wind

Weather Labs

Layers of the Atmosphere PPT

Dew Point/ Rel. Humid Charts PPT

Lab 6-5 Weather Patterns PPT

Lab 6-6 Storms PPT

Water Cycle & LI Groundwater PPT

Wind Speed & Direction PPT

Coriolis Effect Lecture

Kid's Guide To The Water Cycle. This page was recommended to me by by Ms. Hayes elementary Science class who just completed a thoroughly researched project on the water cycle. And they are right! it is a great page that explains the cycle very clearly. Good find kids!

Water Cycle Information On Land Thanks to Andrew and Bethany for finding this great information about the water cycle.

Youtube Video on making a cloud in a soda bottle.

Youtube video showing how to boil water using ice (demonstration of water boiling at lower pressures) and Boiling With Ice II

Youtube video showing how to crush a can with air pressure.

Youtube video showing supercooled water freezing when disturbed. And Supercooled II with more details.

Using Air Pressure to suck an egg into a bottle

Youtube video showing adiabatic heating and cooling

Youtube video of a Tornado Machine in the classroom.

Youtube video demonstrating how to put an egg in a bottle using air pressure.

Youtube video on evaporation as a cooling process.

Another Youtube video on evaporation as a cooling process- I didn't realize that I did it twice!

Youtube Video on the Coriolis Effect.

Youtube video showing how to make a homemade thermometer.

Labs, Activities & PowerPoints


Astro Diagrams Handout

How Big is the Moon?
(Based on an activity by Chris Visco)

Seasons & Day & Night

Worksheet for shadow stick


Phases of the Moon

Jovian Moons DBQ

Bill Nye Moon

Angle of Insolation lab

Lyrics to Elton John's Rocket Man

Rocket Man Sing-a-Long PowerPoint
(Supply your own music)

Why is the Space Program Important?

Benjamin Franklin's The Whimsical Cook

Phases of the Moon PowerPoint
Handout for moon phases (goes with the PowerPoint)

Youtube video demonstrating how you can see infrared light.

Youtube video showing the Doppler Effect.

Youtube video demonstrating the Big Bang.

Youtube video featuring levatating worlds in the classroom to demonstrate phases of the moon and eclipses.

Youtube video showing how to make and use 3-dimensional projections to demonstrate Earth's orbital plane and tilted axis.

Labs, Activities & PowerPoints

99 Things to Remember for the Regents Exam

13 Must-Know Facts

Reference Tables Scavenger Hunt
(adapted from a worksheet by Chris Young)

Reference Tables Review

Lab Practical Review
Note: Information in this PowerPoint is based on pg 2 of the Teacher's Lab Practical Manual which is "non-secure" and allowed to be shared with students according to pg 1 of the manual.

YouTube Video on why the Reference Tables are soooo important.

Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait

General Geology information for teachers:

The Science of Santa: A great article to discuss the last school day before December break

Stopping By Woods: By Robert Frost
Another good last-day-before-December-break reading. Good for discussing "darkest evening of the year" winter solstice.

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